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The First Bank of Chandler was originally formed under the name the Lincoln County State Bank. According to the Lincoln County Farm Directory of 1918, we were, “organized in 1894 by F. E. Hoyt and O. B. Kee, who, four years later, sold out to L. C. Parmenter and J. W. Teter. Later Hugh M. Johnson…purchased the business and took out a national charter, thus establishing Lincoln County’s first national bank.” The charter was established on May 22, 1900, the same year the Lincoln County State Bank’s name was changed to the First National Bank of Chandler. It wasn’t until October 1, 1993, that the First National Bank of Chandler’s name and charter was changed. The name was changed to what it is now, the First Bank of Chandler. The charter was changed from a national charter to a state charter. This, of course, was to better meet the needs of our customers.

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