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ATM Service
We offer ATM service at two convenient locations, the corner of our main bank and located in the drive-thru area. (Additional ATM Fees may apply to transactions conducted at ATM's not owned by First Bank of Chandler.)

Safe Deposit Boxes
We offer several sizes.

Notary Service
We notarize documents for free for all of our customers

Official Checks
We offer cashier’s checks.

Telephone Banking
24-Hour Banking Convenience. Easy Transfers between Checking & Savings Banking made easy from any touch-tone telephone. Call us at (800) 258-0005 or (405) 258-9977 and do your banking at any time or place.

Internet Banking
Please come and visit us at the bank to activate the free Internet Banking on your existing accounts or set up a new one to take advantage of this great new service.

Competitive Rates
Check our competitive rates on CD's, IRA's, and Savings accounts. (Interest rates change on a weekly basis, call First Bank of Chandler for more information.

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